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2017 second annual charlie Wysocki football camp

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I have known Charlie from his playing days at Wilkes-Barre Meyers H.S. through his career...

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Twenty-seven years later, Charlie Wysocki still holds many records for the University of Maryland!

Saddle Up, Charlie
Charlie Wysocki's Journey From Gridiron Glory Into Mental Illness (Volume 1)

"Saddle up Charlie" song
-by Kevin Whitey O'Kane
Inductee 2014
  • First team All-American 1979, 1980
  • Second at Maryland 17 100-yard games
  • All-time leader with three rushing over 200 yards
  • Second in program history in career rushing yards with 3,317

From Shadows to Sunshine: The WYSOCKI Way

Growing up, my life was all about preparation. I was that kid who lived and breathed football. Every sprint, every tackle, every game was a step closer to my dream: playing in the NFL. Those were my years of peak performance, where every drop of sweat felt like it was watering the seeds of my future.

Then came the anticipation, the big day—draft day. Man, my heart was pounding out of my chest, surrounded by family, friends, and what felt like a lifetime of hope. Only, my name never got called. Not once. That moment? It was like watching everything I’d worked for crumble right in front of me, in front of everyone who believed in me. That gut punch didn't just knock the wind out of me; it knocked the life out of me.

Saddle Up, Charlie:

Charlie Wysocki's Journey From Gridiron Glory Into Mental Illness (Volume 1)

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